Blog Frustration

So there’s this platform called Jive that’s used at work that can be used as a blogging platform.

And it totally sucks – because:

· I’ve been procrastinating the whole week on making a blog-post about art (my group page is about art in various forms)
· THE FRICKIN SITE IS DOWN TODAY, just when I wanted to blog about art
· I can’t use images as backgrounds

So today, I’ve been debating on whether to use (which i just read that will be retired and re-branded as a google blog) – And… maybe I’ll actually try giving blogger a try.
(10  minutes later)…
… actually, I just did, and it does seem pretty easy. It allows for secure browsing (https) and it’s easy to use. Only problem is, some of the content is blocked by work restrictions and I see the annoying “Access to this site has been blocked” with accompanying company logo and text. But… I still might play around with these things so I can familiarize myself with blogging.