Today’s featured artists:

This sad and beautiful piece has always tugged at my tears.
The Bride by Ferdinand Ladera (CG pintor).

Read his poetry and description of the picture here.
He also illustrates the process involved in making the illustration on his blog.

MBT Firewalker by KaranaK.
Alexey aka Karanak.Digital Artist, Male, Russian.

Karanak is really good at creating and rendering (space) ships and sci-fi vehicles / some mechs. He’s also good at illustrating anime girls. His attention to detail is… I’m lost for words. My brain crashed and needs to reboot.

He has a blog @, but you’re better off viewing his DeviantArt account since his livejournal page is all in русский

Angel of Colors by Artgerm
ArtGerm aka Stanley Lau is a co-founder and creative director of Imaginary Friends Studios
Check out his profile. and more about the studio @