Saint Kageyama is a name derived from my last name and the name of a character that I liked long time ago, from Gatekeepers. Reiji Kageyama – a dual gatekeeper able to control energy blasts and constructs made from light and shadow, also able to foresee the future. He was a bad guy in Gatekeepers and became a good guy in Gatekeepers 21.

I am 30 years old and a perfectionist / procrastinator – a very bad combination. this means I am never able to get things done, something that I want to prove myself wrong with starting with this blog.

I believe I can draw and illustrate with time, good tools and self-discipline. Food and art has been my main passion for a very long time, possibly more than 8 years now.
I can say that there have been many obstacles in life which is only half-true. sometimes when you really want something good, there are no excuses.

Aside from food and art, I like reading Anime & Manga, cosplay, Marvel and DC movies and comics although I don’t read comics that much. I find anime way more interesting, even though it’s mostly illustrated in black and white.

My favorite manga right now is Fairy Tail and Naruto. I have only cosplayed once as Yusuke Urameshi from YuYuHakusho / Ghost Fighter, one of my most favorite anime.

I am married and live with my wife, dog (female husky) and cat (male ginger street cat)


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