Featured Artists Sept-11-2012

Hi all, today’s post may feature a couple of illustrators who have contributed to Imagine FX, a Fantasy and Sci-Fi magazine, along with other random artwork.
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Alchemy – ImagineFX issue 87 cover by oione

Helen Rusovich aka oione(DeviantArt), 23/Female/Ukraine
Birthday April 30, 1989
Her work is featured as cover art on Imagine FX issue 87. Check out the post

ImagineFX issue 88 Cover artist Marta Nael‘s Fire Sorceress

Imagine FX 2011 Rising Star Marta de Andrés aka Marta Nael
Birthday: August 26, 1988
Her picture reminds me of black widow / natasha romanov

Her facebook page seems to be more updated. Check it out:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Marta-Nael/125633200801351

Xin Lan by phoenixlu

Phoenix Lu. Chinese name: Unknown., Female/Age: Unknown. Location: China
Birthday: February 1
This is cover art for a Kung Fu Novel.
Aside from kicking ass, I have no idea what the novel is all about.
Her own features are similar to her illustrations.

She probably looks in the mirror for reference.
If you’re chinese and have a weibo account (microblogging site) you can check out her posts on http://weibo.com/phoenixlu

Flueelapass Sunset by Dave Derbis

Photography is the art, science and practice of creating durable images by recording light. Photography will always have a place in my gallery.

This picture is nostalgic to me as it evokes a feeling of nostalgia, a place where the journey of the Fellowship of the Ring could have taken place, a passage where a couple of hobbits, a man, an elf and a dwarf may have spent their morning.

I follow this particular landscape photographer on facebook. Check out his work either on his facebook page or DeviantArt page.

I’m thinking about adding more stuff to this site, aside from the Featured artist posts, such as:
Top 10 art sites / Inspiration resources
Tutorials Resources / Guides on creativity
Contests / News
Links to other blogs

What do you think?


Today’s featured artists:

This sad and beautiful piece has always tugged at my tears.
The Bride by Ferdinand Ladera (CG pintor).

Read his poetry and description of the picture here.
He also illustrates the process involved in making the illustration on his blog.

MBT Firewalker by KaranaK.
Alexey aka Karanak.Digital Artist, Male, Russian.

Karanak is really good at creating and rendering (space) ships and sci-fi vehicles / some mechs. He’s also good at illustrating anime girls. His attention to detail is… I’m lost for words. My brain crashed and needs to reboot.

He has a blog @ http://karanak.livejournal.com/, but you’re better off viewing his DeviantArt account since his livejournal page is all in русский

Angel of Colors by Artgerm
ArtGerm aka Stanley Lau is a co-founder and creative director of Imaginary Friends Studios
Check out his profile. and more about the studio @ http://www.imaginaryfs.com/AboutUs.html.

Blog Frustration

So there’s this platform called Jive that’s used at work that can be used as a blogging platform.

And it totally sucks – because:

· I’ve been procrastinating the whole week on making a blog-post about art (my group page is about art in various forms)
· THE FRICKIN SITE IS DOWN TODAY, just when I wanted to blog about art
· I can’t use images as backgrounds

So today, I’ve been debating on whether to use blogger.com (which i just read that will be retired and re-branded as a google blog) – And… maybe I’ll actually try giving blogger a try.
(10  minutes later)…
… actually, I just did, and it does seem pretty easy. It allows for secure browsing (https) and it’s easy to use. Only problem is, some of the content is blocked by work restrictions and I see the annoying “Access to this site has been blocked” with accompanying company logo and text. But… I still might play around with these things so I can familiarize myself with blogging.